Why do I need sale stock in my Pharmacy? | The Cosmetic Department

Why do I need sale stock in my Pharmacy? | The Cosmetic Department

Why do I need sale stock in my Pharmacy?

In Australian retail, the time has come to be highly competitive.

Competition is good for all businesses and customers. While we don’t recommend a quick race to the bottom, if you are not offering discount cosmetics in your pharmacies, it is most likely, that your competitors are.

As the discount, or warehouse pharmacy model continues to grow, more and more of your customers are hunting down these ridiculously low cosmetics prices.

It is what the public wants and there has been a considerable shift in the way your customers shop for their cosmetics.

Shoppers are now more savvy that ever, and they deserve the best prices, but not at the expense of your profit margin. Valuable sales and customer loyalty is being lost as your customers ‘just try’ shopping with other competitors in the area. 

They have been enticed with front of store clearance bins that catch their eye as they are walking by, or visiting in response to an advertising catalogue.

Additionally, more and more or your pharmacies customers are heading online and you can’t blame them.

Therefore the ONLY way to compete with online sales is to match them! Your front of store should be driving customers into your store. 

We can offer you brands like Revlon, Maybelline, LÓreal, Max Factor and many others that you can retail at well under normal retail prices and keep your profit margin as high as possible.

This is the highest possible return for your investment and your customers will love you for it and keep coming back to see what is new.

We offer you discounted brand name cosmetics, so you can differentiate your pharmacy from your local competitors, while allowing you to successfully compete with deep discounters established in the discount marketplace.

Discount cosmetics drives sales and helps you compete in today's highly competitive market.

You can not afford to not be selling discount cosmetics and we are here to help you get started.

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